Television review Animal Celebrities Realization Series Meets Charismatic Animals and Their Personal Managers

We live in the golden age of animal celebrities, and the Netflix series tells how to find them.

The famous the number of animals has taken off with the finnish.

Animal celebrities feel more authentic and honest than human celebrities. We doubt the authenticity of a human smile more easily than the happy barking of a dog. According to one view, the internet was worth inventing just because of cat videos.

Of course, there is also a lot of expertise in the field. Netflix series Animal celebrities (2021–) tells of a two-woman company that manages animal stars. Californians Colleen Wilson and Melissa May Curtis seek talent, organize experimental shots, and negotiate with animal owners.

There will be a lot of cute, endearing, fascinating and charismatic animals in store. And managers are also personal.

But when we see behind the scenes of online videos – how to make “sausage” or dog videos – do we lose faith in the authenticity and honesty of animal celebrities?

Animal celebrities, Netflix.

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