Television review About Netflix’s True Crime Mystery Why Did You Kill Me? there is no mystery

Myspace was used as an aid in investigating the 2006 murder of Crystal Theobold in California.

Do you remember anyone else on Myspace? Founded in 2003, the social media platform was the largest in the world for a few years until it fell behind Facebook and others.

In the Netflix true crime document Why Did You Kill Me? (2021) reviews the 2006 murder of an American woman using Myspace as one of the aids.

24 years old Crystal Theobold was shot in a car in a suburb of Riverside, California. Traces pointed to the local 51/50 gang. But why did the gangs shoot the car in which Crystal, described in all respects as golden, was perched? Who pulled the trigger?

After asking the questions Fredrick Munkin the documentary directed by the hands spreads. The documentary tries to bake a fashionable true crime mystery, but the actual mystery is missing. The shooting will soon become a mess of a hot dog.

The true role of Myspace in studies remains vague. After the murder, Crystal’s mother and cousin set up accounts in the service to spy on information about gang members. However, soloing only seems to mess up official investigations.

The most interesting point of view – why gangs and violence have such a strong grip on the region – remains almost unaddressed, as do the family’s own links to crime.

The mother’s work history as the most active dealer in the area may not be related to the murder, but yes it does tell something about the reality where Crystal and her partners lived.

Why Did You Kill Me ?, Netflix.

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