Television review A truth-based tension series tells of five murders in a farmhouse

A qualified six-part stress series focuses on the follow-up of events.

Murders in a farmhouse tells of the violent death of five people. Early in the morning of August 1985, police found a retired couple, their adult daughter, and his six-year-old twin boys dead in the couple’s home in rural Essex.

A qualified six-part stress series builds on true events and focuses on the post-investigation of events. First, there are police and signs of violence everywhere, then the house is stripped of bloody goods, and only then is it considered whether it would have been worthwhile to take a closer look at the evidence. The police disagree.

The British series tells more about group dynamics than violence. The key is who belongs to the group and who is believed. These turn out to be as interesting questions as “who is the murderer”.

Murders in a farmhouse, TV1 at 10 pm and Yle Areena. (K12)

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