Television review A Surprising Documentary Introduces the Luscious Florida Retirement Community but Also Reveals the Shadows of the American Dream

The documentary Some Kind of Heaven visits The Villages, also known as Disneyworld for seniors.

“Is not visible slums, death, destruction, not murder, ”lists the attractions of The Villages, a retirement home for a retiree in a golf cart in Florida.

“The children are barely visible either.”

Lance Oppenheim jaw-clogging document Some Kind of Heaven (2020) describes life in the largest retirement community in the United States. Of course, they are no specialty. However, the documentary highlights the absurdity of the idea of ​​a fenced community.

The life under the sun of the orange-brown self-roasted panthers has been made as comfortable as possible. Even to the point where residents seem to live in a strange bubble.

The paradise under the palm trees is called the Disneyworld for Seniors. There are plenty of fun, there are a variety of clubs and hobbies from 3,000 patterned floats to pole dancing and formation rides on golf carts.

“This is an American dream,” says another resident.

From the screen the conveyed image tells of the shadows and non-history of the American dream.

Also in The Villages, the most important thing is a good story. Established in the mid-1980s, the center of the residential area is built to resemble idyllic and old-fashioned small towns where many members of the large age groups lived their youth. It has also been invented with its own fabricated history down to the cracks painted on the walls of the houses.

However, cracks begin to appear in the idyll, like the wall of a house, as the fates of the four protagonists of the documentary become more precise.

47 years married couple Anne and Reggie are in trouble because of Reggie’s new new age lifestyle and drug use. Perhaps the saddest case is Dennis, An 81-year-old auervaara who hunts his own place in a retirement paradise by lurking local women by the pools. He himself sleeps in the car. So the breadwinner should be found. “Beautiful and rich,” Dennis sums up his criteria.

Barbara, who has recently been widowed, is also lonely and does not feel at home under the palm trees.

Even a snake can creep into paradise, and age does not necessarily bring wisdom.

Some Kind of Heaven, C More.



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