Television review A competent biographical documentary about a French architect presents a brave and open-minded woman

Architect and designer Charlotte Perriand worked for over 90 years.

French architect Charlotte Perriand (1903–1999) made an astonishingly long and varied career in architecture and design.

His main qualities, open-mindedness and hard work, he maintained throughout his life, shows Stéphane Ghezin directed by a qualified French documentary Charlotte Perriand, a modern-day architect (2019).

There are several small anecdotes about Perriand’s poke. He could bring a drift lantern from his car show to his home as a dining room lamp. While still studying at the School of Art and Design, he marched on one of the greatest names in modern architecture. Le Corbusierin to introduce himself to the office. The reception was dull, but so only the doors opened.

The cooperation, which lasted for several years, began. Elegant furniture designed from metal pipes was born, but also practical living in a small space that understands human everyday life.

In 1937 The Paris World’s Fair marked one watershed in Perriand’s career. Perriand, who had joined the Communists, received reprimands from his comrades from Le Corbusier for fraternity, resulting in a truce.

Immediately after, war broke out. Perriand received an invitation to Japan, where he sucked in more influences. He was even more fascinated by cherishing nature, simplicity, organic forms and craftsmanship.

He designed many careers in the early twentieth teräsputkiklassikoitaan again bamboo and wood. Unprejudicedness also comes out well in the documentary. It was reflected in the red thread in the projects he undertook: from the housing of workers to the design of a ski resort and holiday homes.

The most important principle was that objects or buildings were never allowed to precede man.

Perriand worked until the last years of his life.

Charlotte Perriand New Age Architect, Theme at 9pm and Arena.

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