Television review A clever scientific documentary questions the simplistic myths about Neanderthals

The most interesting part of the documentary is the creation of natural models of Neanderthal humans.

Before we humans Europe was inhabited by Neanderthals, whom we have been harassing for another hundred years – emphasizing our own superiority. The inexplicably extinct Neanderthal people have been said to have been clumsy, stupid, and cruel, group-wavers lurking in dark caves, which we deserved to get rid of.

In a Canadian documentary The truth about Neanderthals (2020) these scientific and less unscientific interpretations are questioned one by one, not by making major revelations but by repetition.

Yanick Rosen The documentary, directed by the Neanderthal, examines, among other things, the eating habits, hunting abilities and craftsmanship of the Neanderthals and makes fascinating interpretations of their social and emotional characteristics. Based on old beliefs, it appears that Neanderthals also care for weak and disabled members of their small communities who could no longer survive on their own.

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The program, based on interviews with researchers and described in seven countries, is also framed by an interesting illustration. The Dutch who specialized in the ancestors of modern man Adrie and Alfons Kennis working in their studio on the organic designs of two Neanderthals, a father and a daughter. Definitely worth the wait and look Neanderthals in the eye.

Truth about Neanderthals, TV1 at 7pm and Yle Areena.

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