Television | Prince Philip’s death programs caused a avalanche of feedback at the BBC – Above the funeral roll the program: “It’s sure to annoy and annoy,” the producer anticipates

The funeral broadcast has had to be prepared quickly. The most difficult task for narrator Marjukka Havumäki is to list and translate the various merits of the prince’s long career.

Late in the afternoon we see a rare media event. In a couple of hours, the broadcaster will show the ceremonies of the British prince Philip buried.

Yle’s journalist Marjukka Havumäki has told Yle numerous royal ceremonies, weddings and baptisms, and presidential funerals, but now it is his turn to have his first royal funeral.

“This is a very exceptional funeral in every way. Prince Philip hoped for a small funeral and because of the crown they are super small. ”

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, would have turned one hundred years old in June. His life accommodates a large number of representational events and contacts with various organizations.

“Getting to know all this causes pain,” says Havumäki.

A long time has been spent learning and translating confessions and troop divisions. The schedule increases the level of difficulty. It has often been possible to prepare for a wedding for months, now the information has had to be gathered in less than a week.

Funeral the long-term plan has been redesigned. The list of 800 guests originally planned has been shortlisted for 30 participants at Windsor Castle Church, or St. George’s Chapel. For the narrator, however, the degree of difficulty of the work is increased by the face masks of the guests. According to Havumäki, there is a general reproach to the narrator that he does not recognize the guests.

Marjukka Havumäki, an experienced narrator of royal ceremonies, explains his first royal funeral.­

Backgrounds have been dug by Yle’s editor Terhi Pirilä-Porvali, with years of expertise on the subject.

“This day brings out things that are quite far from everyday life. It highlights interesting issues related to the tradition of the royal house, ”says Yle’s responsible producer of news event content. Tuomas Kerkkänen.

The various royal rooms have centuries-old connections. Funerals, for example, appear in Nordic monarchies as mourning flags and ringing mourning bells.

The professor of European history is opening up historical connections in the broadcast Laura Kolbe From the University of Helsinki. Kolbe is familiar with the significance of the British Royal House in the history of the old continent.

Funeral affect the nature of the transmission. A royal wedding can convey a sense of joy and show, for example, the best reactions of guests to events.

“When it comes to a mourning party, this cannot be done. The genre must be carefully considered, ”says Kerkkänen.

During the ceremony, the narrator and commentator do not speak. Before the ceremony, they lay out what kind of mark the man left. For example, he tried to modernize the monarchy and spoke out about the queen televising the coronation in 1953. Prince Philip had time to see the royal house bend to media society. Her most important role is said to be the queen Elizabeth supporting decades of work and endless handshakes.

BBC news on Friday that more than 100,000 complaints were sent to the company when special broadcasts about the death of Prince Philip replaced other programs on the program map.

Viewers were annoyed by the cooking competition MasterChefin final and soap set EastEndersin episodes were not presented. Commercial channels also broadcast special broadcasts. On the ITV channel, the number of viewers decreased by 60 percent compared to a regular Friday.

Yle has also made edits to the program schedule for a regular Saturday.

“Of course I understand that when we roll the news at six o’clock and the news is brought forward at five o’clock, it will definitely be annoying and annoying, and that’s how it should be,” says producer Kerkkänen.

Past royal broadcasts have garnered spectators well. Interest in the royal house has grown, for example, in telling its recent history The Crown with the drama series.

“I wouldn’t compare to the UK. They have a whole different discussion about the royals and how the public service company conveys the events. We want to serve all audiences, and we do not despise any audience, ”says Kerkkänen.

Not all of Saturday’s TV routines may be broken. Kerkkänen has hopeful news for lovers of Finnish-Swedish housekeeping. If the funeral ends on time, as you can probably expect, one “rolled” program will be returned to the software.

“Strömsö is in place.”

Prince Philip’s funeral, TV1 at 4:25 p.m.

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