Television | Michelle Obama stars Netflix’s new children’s series with two dolls – the idea of ​​attracting children to eat healthier

In the series, Michelle Obama plays a supermarket owner who flies with a shopping cart with dolls from around the world cooking and tasting home-cooked food.

Michelle from Obama is becoming the star of a new children’s series, he says including the BBC. Obama is starting to host a new Netflix Waffles + Mochi series designed to inspire children to cook at home.

The series will hit Netflix on March 16th.

It is being done in partnership with Healthier America, which Obama is the honorary president of. The idea of ​​the collaboration is that families with children would eat healthier even during a corona pandemic. The goal is for families to use more fresh ingredients and less ready meals in cooking.

Obama features a supermarket owner in the series, and his co-stars are two puppets: Waffles and Mochi. The doll figures come from “The Land of Frozen Food”.

The character presented by Obama helps a puppet duo who is tired of eating ice. They dream that they will become chefs. With their flying shopping cart, a group travels around the world cooking and tasting home-cooked food.

Michelle Obama describes the series as “unbridled fun, heart-warming, and simply magical”. According to him, the series is a continuation of his work as the spouse of the President of the United States. At the time, Obama wanted, among other things, to promote children’s health.

This is not the first time Michelle Obama has recruited puppets to help. In 2013, she called a popular children’s series in the United States Sesame characters to the White House as part of a campaign to improve the quality of U.S. school food and combat childhood obesity.

Michelle Obama and her husband Barack Obama operate Waffles + Mochi as similar producers of the series.

Couple entered into a multi-year software production agreement with Netflix in 2018. It was announced at the time that the couple’s Higher Ground Productions production company would produce both series and films.

So far, the documents have been completed American Factory, Crip Camp mixed Becoming. The latter followed Michelle Obama on a book tour in which she promoted her 2018 autobiography Becoming (My story, suom. Ilkka Rekiaro, Ottawa).

Last week, Netflix and Higher Ground Productions published a large number of work in progress that will see the light of day in the years to come. Among other things, there is a film based on a true story about the conquest of Mount Everest, as well as a series exploring national parks around the world.

It is not known how many years the contract between Barack and Michelle Obama and Netflix is ​​set to continue or how valuable it is financially.


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