Television | Jim Jarmush’s prison film sees one of the most outrageous characters in film history

In Jim Jarmushi’s prison film, crime and escape are side issues.

Down by Law, USA 1986

Yle Teema at 21.05 and Yle Areena (12).

Supervisor Jim Jarmush formed a dream couple musician at the turn of the 1980s and 90s Tom Waitsin with. Jarmushi’s black and white and leisurely storytelling matched perfectly with Waits ’rough and jazzy music. The most brilliant indication of this is Down by Law (1986).

However, this little crime movie might choke on its own coolness, if not for Tom Waits and John Lurien an Italian in his first international role would also be pushed into a prison cell Roberto Benign. With the strange sayings he presents, Bob, who learns the language, is probably one of the most outraged characters in film history.

However, with his jurly comments, Bob acts as a great storyteller because his cellmates are coolly low-key. It is pertinent that Beningn, who speaks gruesome English, later became the first foreign-language actor to be awarded an Oscar for Best Actor.



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