Television | It will be ten years since the start of Game of Thrones on Saturday – which is why the series became a huge phenomenon

HBO has celebrated the series ’10th birthday along the month.

Of the 2010s the most popular TV series Game of Thrones turns ten on Saturday, April 17th.

The fantasy series gradually turned, during its eight seasons, into a huge cultural phenomenon spoken around the world.

The advent of winter threatened the series for years, but the final season finally presented in 2019 was disappointing to millions of fans as the long-built plot patterns were hastily pulled together.

HBO has celebrated the series ’tenth birthday for a month, and on Saturday it will release Conan O’Brien led a panel discussion with the stars of the series.

HBO released the series from the last season as well a new trailer. It has caused many fans of the series to speculate as to whether HBO could make the last season new anyway.

More than 1.8 million people have signed up petition, in which the final season of the series is required to be reassigned by “qualified writers”.

The main evil King of the Night did not live up to the expectations of the fans.­

Equally Started 20 years ago Lord of the Rings The film series broke the long-held belief in Hollywood that fantasy cannot bring great success.

Game of Thrones followed the trend but added a stump to the nest. Tolkien-classical worlds came with deafening, orgies, rioting and brutal violence. Favorite characters were killed evenly right from the start.

According to the nudity assessment site MrSkin, the series had the seventh highest nudity ever. It featured 82 nude seizures, 74 percent of which featured women’s skin.

TV series Shameless and True Blood defeat Game of Thrones in nudity when it comes, but the fantasy series gained a bursting reputation in its early days. The breasts of at least some of the prestigious actors were later hidden.

Game of Thrones also got involved in another major cultural phenomenon: the boom in television drama series. Its plot patterns were several seasons long. A similar immersion in the characters would not have been possible in even the most inflated film trilogy.

The story focused on different families and their quarrels and disappointments. The power inherited from the parents drove to ruin, so the viewer was able to encourage new leadership candidates who came from miserable conditions and were constantly increasing their power.

Peter Dinklage took turns introducing the intriguing Tyrion Lannister with various parties.­

In essence, however, the series believed in inherited power, the basic block of the monarchy, although lower leadership could be achieved with skill and fairness.

The series was also able to update Tolkien’s world in terms of gender. A significant number of women, including many non-white Actors, reached prominent roles, deer and heroic.

Still is a mystery of what could become the next TV phenomenon of the same magnitude. HBO and Amazon still seem to believe in the power of fantasy.

HBO has several planned Game of Thrones prelims, but only House of the Dragon is currently in the production stage.

Amazon, on the other hand, paid $ 250 million, or about $ 210 million Lord of the Rings saga on television series rights.

At the same time Game of Thrones source material i.e. George R. R. Martinin The song of fire and ice book series is still in progress, and there is no certainty about the release schedule for the sixth book.

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