Television | Comedian Sacha Baron Cohen slammed Republican politician on television with “pedophile radar” – court interpreted the scene as a joke

Alabama Republican politician Roy Moore said the court’s decision was “more than a bad joke”.

Where to get to joke on TV?

What about where the humor goes, where the defamation limit?

One answer to this was received on Tuesday In the United States, when the court decided to reject a former U.S. senator candidate Roy Mooren action British comedian Sacha Baron Cohenia against.

The defamation lawsuit related to Cohen’s satire series Who Is America?, in which a comedian dressed in disguised humiliated politicians and influencers. He got several Americans who appeared on the program to say or do things they regretted afterwards.

Israel supported by Republican politician Roy Moore thought he was going to an Israeli television program to receive an award for their activities in September 2018.

Roy Moore (left) thought he was talking to an Israeli expert in the series Who Is America? (2018).

However, Cohen, disguised as anti-terrorism expert Erran Moradi, was waiting in the studio. This began by skewing the history of Moore’s home state, saying, among other things, that people in Alabama have always been free and equal regardless of race. Moore nodded, when in reality the state belonged to a front that opposed the abolition of slavery in the U.S. Civil War. Racial segregation continued even after the Civil War.

That’s not all.

Moore is a former president of the Supreme Court of Alabama. He sought the previous president Donald Trumpin backed by the U.S. Senate in December 2017. However, a defeat came: accusations of sexual harassment decades ago were raised. Moore was alleged to have harassed a 14-year-old girl in her thirties, among other things. Moore has disputed the allegations.

In the episode of the TV series, Cohen’s character introduced a “pedophile radar” developed by Israel and began slamming a metal detector-like bar Moore.

The device beeped. Again and again.

Eventually Moore got angry.

“I have been married for 33 years. I’ve never been accused of things like that, ”he said and walked out of the studio.

Moore’s challenge according to Cohen’s program mocked him in a false and deceptive manner. He claimed $ 95 million (more than $ 80 million) in damages, and accused the television company CBS and its Showtime cable television network of defamation, in addition to Cohen.

The court interpreted it differently.

In a 26-page decision on Tuesday, the district judge John Cronan considered it to be “clearly a joke”. No viewer of the program would interpret it differently.

In addition, Roy Moore had signed a contract with the production prior to the recordings, in which he said he would participate in the program voluntarily.

Moore and this wife Kaylan lawyer Larry Klaymanin according to the court decision there was no “factual and legal sense”.

“On the contrary, Judge Cronan’s decision was a joke, more than a bad joke.”

To Cohen Roy Moore has been only one the subject of jokes among others.

An experienced comedian known for more than twenty years of his career: the satirical character Ali G, and Borat– Yes Brunomovies.

Called Mockumentary, the “accompanying document,” in Who Is America? In the series, Cohen toured the United States and met both politicians and ordinary citizens, trying to trick them – most of the time.

The character Borat sang the American National Anthem in the 2006 comedy and got the audience to boom.

In one episode Cohen pretended to be a Finnish tubettan who had acquired dozens of weapons for “future breeds”. Cohen, who performed under the nickname OMGWhizzBoyOMG, asked the Republican for a hard line From Joe Arpaio, would this agree to the oral sex suggested by Donald Trump if the situation came up.

“I might have to say yes,” Arpaio replied. A scandal ensued: sayings were even made in the main newspapers of the kingdom.

Cohen also got a Republican politician working in the state of Georgia Jason Spencerin among other things, shouting racist expressions and running after Cohen with his pants on his ankles. Spencer announced his resignation three days after the episode was presented.

In addition to the above, Cohen has chatted, among other things Bernie Sandersia, Dick Cheney and Jill Steinia. In the United States, political satire involves starving celebrities, which may feel In Finland, from a stranger.

Cohen is sued several times in court.

For example BoratThe film led to several actions in the United States because many felt they had been deceived or embarrassed.

Actress Sacha Baron Cohen is an active defender of freedom of expression.

He is also active himself.

In July 2021, Cohen said he would take legal action against the US cannabis company Solar Therapeutics. On the billboard, the Borat character appeared with his thumbs upright with the words “It’s nice,” which is the motto of the world-renowned character.

Cohen is demanding at least $ 9 million from the company for copyright infringement and misleading advertising.



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