Telecommunications Nokia won a five-year contract with a major U.S. telecom operator

Nokia’s business is underdeveloped in the United States.

Network devices manufacturer Nokia announces a five-year deal with major US telecom operator T-Mobile. The agreement covers the expansion of T-Mobile’s fifth generation (5g) mobile phone network. Companies do not disclose the value of the contract.

CEO of Nokia Pekka Lundmark emphasizes in the press release that the agreement means the continuation of long-term cooperation between the companies. T-Mobile’s Chief Technology Officer Neville Ray expresses its enthusiasm for continued cooperation with Nokia.

“We’ve already taken a huge step forward with the nationwide and independent 5g earlier this year, and this deal with Nokia is helping us deliver incredible innovation and opportunities in this country,” Ray says.

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Nokia business in the United States is poorly developed, as Verizon has begun to purchase fifth-generation radio technology more and more from Nokia’s competitors Ericsson and Samsung.

Nokia announced Thursday that the announced deal will have no impact on the company’s October assessment of its business development. In October, Nokia estimates that its profitability, which measures its profitability, will be 7-10 percent this year.


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