Technology Whatsapp changed its terms of use, and the number of users of Signal, who is praised for its security, started to rise – the world’s richest person may also be tweeted in the background

Whatsapp users must give permission to disclose their information to the parent company Facebook outside of Europe.

Instant messaging application Signal says it has gained a lot more users after Facebook-owned rival instant messaging app Whatsapp changed its terms of use.

Under Whatsapp’s new terms, the user must either consent to the transfer of their information collected on Whatsapp to Facebook or decide to use Whatsapp.

If you do not accept the new terms, you will no longer be able to use the app after February 8th. The claim arrived on Whatsapp users ’phones extensively on Thursday. Facebook acquired Whatsapp in 2014. In 2016, the companies said their data would not be aggregated. Today, Whatsapp has more than two billion users.

Collective Bargaining Agreement the requirement for approval was immediately reflected in the number of users of Whatsapp’s competitors. According to data provided by Signal itself, the number of its users has increased so much that the confirmation of new users slowed down on Thursday. On Friday, the company said the login has returned to normal.

Signal is a communications application released in 2014 that can be used on Android and iOS operating systems as well as a computer. Signal publishes its source code, allowing security researchers to better assess its own security.

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US technology news site According to The Vergen, Whatsapp In addition to the change in conditions, the increase in the number of users may also be due to the fact that the richest man in the world, CEO of Tesla Elon Musk has recommended the use of Signal.

Prior to his recommendation, Musk posted an image on Twitter that was able to combine a critical tone with the violent takeover of Facebook and the Washington Congress Hall this week.

Helsinki Messaging in a post published on Friday Facebook Director of EU Affairs Aura Salla says in its email that the change in terms of use has been misreported in Europe.

Salla forwarded a company release to HS stating that in Europe, the update would not result in the user allowing the app to share information on Facebook for advertising purposes.

“Whatsapp does not share Whatsapp user information in Europe with Facebook for the purpose of Facebook using this information to develop our products or advertisements,” the release says.


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