Technology Video conferencing app Zoom pays users tens of millions in euros – class action lawsuit allegations of privacy violations

Zoom is accused of, among other things, sharing user information with other companies and inadequate security practices.

Video conferencing application Zoom has agreed to pay its users $ 85 million, or just over $ 71 million, in a class action lawsuit filed in the United States. Several international media outlets are talking about it.

The amount of compensation was agreed out of court. Zoom promised to improve its security practices, but did not admit to having acted incorrectly.

The lawsuit filed in March 2020 alleges that Zoom, among other things, shared its users ’personal data with other Internet services such as Facebook, Google and Linkedin.

Users were also bothered by so-called “zoombombing,” in which an outside hacker joins the meeting without being invited. Zoom was also accused of misrepresenting the provision of end-to-end encryption to prevent outsiders from accessing messages or calls sent over the network.

Under the agreement, Zoom’s paying customers involved in a class action can receive either $ 25 or 15 percent of the price of their order from the company, whichever is greater.

Other users of the service could receive up to $ 15, according to the contract papers.

The agreement made by the parties has yet to be approved by a federal judge.

CNN’s Zoom plans to make a number of changes to its policies based on contract papers, including improving meeting security and protecting consumer data.

The changes are expected to include, among other things, internal announcements for meetings that will make it easier for users to understand who can see, store, and share their information.

The company is also expected to add notifications that alert the user when other parties to the meeting use third-party applications during the meeting.

According to the contract documents, Zoom has raised about $ 1.3 billion from its paying customers who participated in the class action lawsuit.

The video conferencing company has been one of the winners in the corona pandemic. Its revenue and operating profit have grown exponentially during the pandemic and its share price has multiplied.



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