Technology Tiktok became last year’s most downloaded social media app, even though Trump tried to ban it in the United States

The Chinese app supplanted Facebook Messenger in the list of most downloaded apps.

Video application Tiktok was the world’s most downloaded social media app last year, according to analytics firm App Annie’s annual report.

The app, developed by Chinese Bytedance, replaced the most downloaded app on the site with the American Facebook Messenger app. The main Facebook application, the messaging application Whatsapp and the image application Instagram were also left behind.

App Annie’s annual report tells, among other things The British broadcaster BBC and a Japanese newspaper Nikkei.

Tiktok was the only one in the list of five most downloaded apps that is not owned by Facebook.

Facebook apps have dominated the download list since 2018, when App Annie began compiling the list.

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Bytedance released Tiktok in 2017 for markets outside China. The app has now overtaken the popularity of Facebook apps even in the American company’s home market in the United States.

Even Tiktok’s download volumes increased, despite the former president of the United States Donald Trump tried to ban it in the United States. Last year, Trump issued an order requiring Bytedance to sell its operations in the United States under threat of a ban.

According to the Trump administration, Tiktok posed a national security threat because the Chinese administration has access to the user data of the application. Bytedance denied such allegations.

Trump’s successor Joe Biden repealed the order this year.

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In addition to the United States, the popularity of Tiktok grew last year in Europe and South America.



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