Technology The services of Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp continue to fail worldwide

Experts estimate that the disruptions may be due to an error in DNS, the Internet’s name service system.

FacebookiN, Instagram and Whatsapp services ceased to operate globally on Monday night. The outage could potentially affect up to tens of millions of users.

On the Downdetector website, which specializes in monitoring fault situations of online services, the first fault reports were posted on the website after 6 pm Finnish time on Monday.

The cause or duration of the outage of Facebook-owned services is not yet certain. Interference affects both online versions of services and phone applications.

For example According to the British broadcaster BBC experts estimate that the disruptions may be due to a fault in the domain name system (DNS), which translates domains into IP addresses.

According to Reuters, experts estimate that disruptions to Facebook’s services could be due to an internal error, although in theory, damage from inside the service would also be a possible cause of the disruption.

Experts considered the possibility of an outside hacker less likely, as this type of attack would require either coordination between strong criminal groups or highly innovative technology, Reuters reports.

Facebook has not commented on the break in more detail.

“We are aware that some people have problems using our applications and products. We strive to restore things to normal as soon as possible, and we apologize for the inconvenience, ”says a Facebook spokesperson Andy Stone On Twitter.

Facebook has about 2.9 billion active users worldwide. According to Reuters, several users who use Facebook credentials for third-party applications also report problems using these services. For example, users of Pokémon Go have reported problems. There were also problems with the Facebook Messenger chat service.

Earlier this year problems with DNS led to widespread downtime of several large websites.

Facebook Monday night’s downtime comes at an embarrassing time, as just the night before, Facebook’s data leak Frances Haugen revealed his face in a television interview. Haugen has recently forwarded thousands of pages of the company’s internal documents to the authorities as well as the US newspaper To the Wall Street Journal, which has reported on the data in recent weeks.

According to documents provided by Haugen, some giants are aware that its platforms are used to incite and spread anger, violence and disinformation, and that its platforms harm children’s mental health. According to documents, Facebook has tried to hide evidence of these.

The company has denied the allegations.

According to Haugen, Facebook has opted for “operating profits over security.” Haugen says he wanted the information to be made public in order to bring about a quick change in some giant’s operations.

Haugen is speaking his information to the U.S. Congress at local time on Tuesday.

Facebook’s stock was down sharply on the New York Stock Exchange on Monday.


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