Technology The deliberate slowdown in iPhone phones has already cost Apple more than half a billion euros – Will have to pay compensation again

The company has agreed to pay approximately EUR 540 million in compensation this year.

American IT company Apple has once again had to agree to compensation for a deliberate slowdown in its smartphones.

On Wednesday, the company agreed in court on compensation of $ 113 million, or about $ 95 million, with more than 30 U.S. states. Reimbursements are distributed among the Länder.

California Minister of Justice Xavier Becerran according to the complaints were related to allegations that Apple was seen as misleading consumers by slowing down the performance of its old Iphone phones to improve battery life. With the charges, the slowdown in telephones affected millions of consumers in the United States alone.

“Apple withheld information about its batteries, which slowed iPhone performance, and ignored it only as an update,” Becerra commented, according to news agency AFP.

Apple has previously explained that the purpose of the operating system update was to protect the phone from shutting down. Critics say Apple has deliberately slowed down old phones to force people to buy new phone models. The case has been nicknamed “akkugate”.

According to Becerra, Apple’s actions can be seen as limiting consumer information and making it difficult to make the right purchasing decisions.

The now-settled charges concerned Apple’s iPhone 6 and 7 phones.

The operating system update, which slowed down performance, affected Iphone 6 phones, among others.­

Performance optimized, the operating system update for iPhone 6, 7 and SE released in 2016 has become expensive for Apple. Earlier this year, the company agreed to pay $ 500 million in compensation in a class action lawsuit. In addition, Apple has had to pay this year EUR 25 million to the French authorities.

So, Apple has accepted a total of € 540 million in mediation compensation this year.

Apple has not publicly commented on the new case. According to AFP, the company told the court that it was mediating the case “just for the sake of mediation” and has not admitted it acted improperly.

However, the company admitted to deliberately slowing down the phones already in 2017.

“We know some of you feel Apple has let you down. We apologize, ”Apple said in a statement at the time.

Apple said the purpose was to protect the phone from being turned off. Critics say Apple has deliberately slowed down old phones to force people to buy new phone models.


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