Technology The bathroom just isn’t the fitting place to replace social media, the physician says – This is how it is best to clear your cellular phone and laptop

electronic gadgets go with us everywhere these days. The phone in particular is a device that we tap from morning to night, but a laptop or tablet can also be in active use outside the home.

Thus, during a corona pandemic, disinfection of goods and surfaces has become an increasingly common topic of conversation. Although the risk of infection is low, it still exists and should be considered.

Does the phone and keypad need to be cleaned at regular intervals, and what is it worth doing?

We asked Terveystalo’s general practitioner about it From Toni Vänn and Ecommerce Product Manager From Samu Hanhela.

Disinfection really worth it, both confirm.

While a cell phone or computer are not the worst outbreaks, the risks need to be recognized. In addition to the coronavirus, many other microbes can live in electronics.

In any case, when the phone is largely in its own use, the probability of bacterial transmission is quite small. However, if it is, for example, a workplace cell phone or borrowing your own phone for friends, the situation is different.

“The cell phone is kept close to the face, so there is a possibility of touch infection. The nose and eyes become easily touched, even if you try to pay attention to the issue, ”Vänni points out.

“It’s a good idea to wipe the phone so that it can easily show visible grease as well as more invisible skin cells and other dirt.”

The same goes for the keyboard, mouse, and machine as a whole. They absorb a surprising amount of dirt. The crank itself disinfects its phone daily. He, in turn, cleans the keyboard and mouse every time he changes workstations in the office.

“Especially the keyboard is the kind of place that quite a few keep clean. I would be careful with that. ”

Dirt easily accumulates on the keyboard.

Also Hanhela recommends cleaning the equipment regularly and often. It is a good idea to disinfect your phone at least 2-3 times a week, even if you only use it yourself.

The work phone, in turn, can be cleaned a couple of times during the day and the computer each time you change places or someone else has used the workstation.

For cleaning IT, there are screen cleaning kits specifically designed for cleaning equipment. The packages include a cleaning agent and a microfiber cloth.

“They are suitable for use with a mobile phone screen and back cover, as well as a laptop, telly and tablet,” Hanhela says.

It is not good to use household detergents on appliances, as they are useless stuff, Hanhela says.

“It is not advisable to wet the mobile phone with any material in the bathroom or kitchen, as they can damage the surfaces of the phone. Some self-made detergent can be used on its own, but they often leave a greasy surface. This is not the case with materials for electronics. ”

Also care must be taken with regard to dosing. It is not advisable to wet the appliance so that it does not absorb moisture.

“A few sprays from the spray bottle are enough on the screen, and then wipe it with a cloth,” Hanhela says.

A microfiber cloth is a better option for wiping than, for example, kitchen paper because the paper may scratch the surface. The keyboard, on the other hand, should not be cleaned by spraying directly on the keys.

“The substance can be absorbed inside and the keyboard may stop working. It is better to spray the substance on the cloth, ”says Hanhela.

Multi takes his cell phone with him everywhere and browses the phone while sitting on the toilet bowl. The crank reminds you that hand washing doesn’t matter if you forget to clean your cell phone.

“Norovirus lives on surfaces for a long time and if you go to the bathroom with a phone, it can stick to its surface,” Vänni says.

“While the risk is reasonably small, I’d say the toilet isn’t the right place to update those social media stuff.”

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