Technology industry Valmet sold a large board machine and pulp mill to Brazil

Orders received by Valmet were at a record level in the first quarter.

Valmet has acquired a large pulp mill and board machine trade in Brazil. The exact value of the transaction is not stated, but the price of deliveries of the same type is usually around EUR 320-360 million, according to Valmet.

The order includes a large board machine capable of producing many different grades of board, such as corrugated board kraftliner and board used in liquid packaging.

For the production of paperboard raw material, pulp, Valmet supplies both a pulp cooking system and a bleached chemical pulp production line. The equipment is used to produce short-fiber pulp from eucalyptus and long-fiber pulp from radian pine.

To the factory There will also be an automation system supplied by Valmet and an industrial Internet system that enables, for example, remote monitoring of machines.

Valmet has previously delivered a board machine and a pulp production line to the same mill. These devices will be taken by Valmet’s Head of Papers business line Jari Vähäpesolan introduced in the near future.

The equipment now sold will be commissioned in the spring of 2023.

Valmetin The new orders received by the company in the first quarter of this year were at the company’s record level of more than 1.3 billion euros. The order now received will be recorded in the second quarter.

Valmet manufactures paper and board machines, pulp mills and energy boilers.



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