Technology Apple today announces new products, Ipadien screens are expected to be renewed

Will the appearance of the Imac, which has remained virtually unchanged for more than eight years, be updated?

American IT company Apple will announce its first product updates this year on Tuesday.

The company has not announced in advance what time it will announce at a press conference to be sent at 8 pm Finnish time. However, Apple has traditionally released new versions of its iPads and computers in the spring, among other things.

Among other things financial magazine The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) and CNBC channel according to information, Apple plans to unveil at least new models of the iPad with mini-LED displays. Changing display technology would allow, among other things, an even brighter image.

According to preliminary information, the company may also publish a locator device that indicates the location of goods. South Korean Samsung, among others, has already launched a Smarttag locator using Bluetooth technology, which can be attached to a bag, for example.

Last years Apple has also sought to develop its pay-per-view music and TV offerings. The value of the company’s digital services in the fourth quarter of last year was $ 16 billion, or about $ 13 billion, says WSJ.

Apple is expected to announce a paid podcast service on Tuesday. It would help podcast producers make money from the content they make.

In addition Apple expected to tell information about new Imac desktops running on their own processor.

In November, the company unveiled laptops utilizing the M1-Arm processor. Next up is desktops, whose looks Apple hasn’t significantly affected since 2012. With the move to a faster and more energy-efficient processor, Apple is also expected to finally bring out externally completely revamped Macs.

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Apple’s press conference will be broadcast as a pre-recorded recording from the company’s headquarters in Cupertino, California. The shipment can be followed on the company’s website, among other things. HS talks about giving the opportunity fresh.

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