Technology A large data center is being built in Finland, IT giant Equinix and the Singapore fund invest EUR 181 million

American The data center company Equinix and the Singapore government investment fund Gic are investing USD 220 million, or about EUR 181 million, in Finland.

The investment will build a data center in Finland. Equinix has previously invested a total of EUR 147 million in its data centers in Finland.

The new project is part of a partner $ 3.9 billion data center expansion program that will build a total of 32 data centers around the world.

Under construction data centers are especially suited to the operating needs of large cloud service companies. These include Amazon, Google, IBM and Microsoft.

“For years, the world’s largest cloud service providers have been partners with Equinix. Thanks to our program, these hyper-scale companies can continue to grow their operations, ”says the CEO of Equinix Charles Meyers in the bulletin.

The new data centers complement Equinix’s network of more than 220 traditional data centers.

New the project data centers will be completed during the current year, depending on legal and other contractual issues.

The combined power capacity of the 32 data centers in the joint venture is expected to exceed 600 megawatts when completed.

Equinix owns 20 percent of the project and Gic 80 percent.

The investment, now announced, will increase Equinix’s investment in data centers for cloud service companies to more than $ 6.9 billion.



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