Taxis Taxi companies to change at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport next year – Finavia requires visible prices from taxis, right-of-way with zero-emission cars

Airport taxis will move to a new location from the end of the year when the new main entrance is completed.

Airport company Finavia has completed the tender for taxi services at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport.

From the beginning of next year, the airport’s taxi services will be operated by Mankkaa Taksi, Menevä and Taksi Helsinki.

At present, in addition to Helsinki, Helsinki Airport Taxi and Lähitaksi are responsible for Helsinki-Vantaa taxi traffic.

Finavia says it is competing for taxi services to ensure an adequate level of service.

“Taxi services and their quality are very important things for the airport. Smooth taxi services improve the customer experience, ”says the director Jukka Isomäki In Finavia’s press release.

Finavia requires taxis to prominently indicate their prices to customers at the taxi rank.

In addition, taxi operators must ensure that taxis are always available at the taxi rank, including at night and during peak hours.

The airport company is supporting the reduction of traffic emissions by giving zero-emission cars the right to drive ahead in the taxi area.

Helsinki-Vantaa is currently in the midst of a major turmoil as the airport expands.

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Due to construction work, there have been several exceptional arrangements in the area which, together with taxi reform, have caused confusion and annoyance not only for customers but also for taxi drivers.

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Taxis are now in front of Terminal 1, where passenger escort and pick-up traffic is temporarily concentrated.

In December, taxis will move to the vicinity of Terminal 2 when the new main entrance opens.

The airport renovations are due to be completed in full in 2023.



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