Taxes On the day of the tax refund, almost 50,000 are left without money due to the lack of an account number, especially young first-timers

Tuesday, July 27th is the last day to report your account number to Omaveroo for August tax refunds.

Tax refunds 48,000 of the recipients have not yet given their account number to the Tax Administration and threaten to be left without tax refunds. Especially young first-timers have not given their account number in Omavero, the Tax Board informs.

“In particular, we hope that young people and parents of young people will wake up to check if they have their own correct account number in Omaver. This avoids disappointment on the day of the tax return, ”says the Chief Inspector of the Tax Administration Juha Villman.

Last year, 32,000 people received a tax refund as a proof of payment, i.e. a remittance, because account numbers were missing.

In this case, the refund cannot be received on the tax refund date, but can be applied for from the bank within four weeks after the notification, it is said On the website of the tax administration.

If you still do not apply for the money, you can still receive it during the next five years, as long as you provide your account number on the Omavero service.

August on the third day, some two million people will receive a total of almost a billion euros in tax refunds. The tax administration will pay most of its refunds in August.

A few years ago, the granting of tax refunds changed, and this year is already the third year that refunds are paid to different people at different times.

The former will receive their tax refunds as early as July and the latter only in December.

This year, tax refunds do not appear on accounts immediately in the morning but during the day. The tax administration says in a statement that if the refunds have not been credited to the account by evening, the payment date is likely to have been postponed.



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