Taxes 148,000 taxable people will soon receive tax refunds, in July refunds will be paid 133 million euros

The tax refund period begins when the first ones receive their refunds on Monday, July 5th.

The first this year’s tax refunds will come to the accounts next Monday. However, this year, tax refunds may not appear in your account right from the morning.

“This year, those waiting for tax refunds will be required to exercise restraint. The money may not be in the account immediately on the morning of the tax refund date. However, we will be able to pay tax refunds every month days last year,” Juha Villman says in a press release.

If the tax refunds do not appear in the account, the Tax Administration will ask you to wait a moment and review the situation again in the afternoon of the same day.

In July, tax refunds will be paid to 148,000 customers for a total of EUR 133 million.

Personal customers taxation is now completed for the third year flexibly, i.e. with different people at different times.

For this reason, there are several deadlines for tax refunds or possible residual taxes, so-called scraps, this year as well. The first customers will receive their tax refunds in July, while the last refunds will be paid in December.

Most tax refunds are paid in August, when they are paid to two million taxable people. At that time, a total of approximately EUR 990 million in refunds will be paid.

For some recipients of refunds, the payment date may have shifted compared to the original tax decision.

In the tax decision is the date of the person’s tax end. If there is a change in the tax information before the end of the tax, the date of the end of the tax, the amounts of the tax refund or residual tax, and the payment or due dates may still change.

Therefore, if the tax refunds are not in the account in the evening, the payment date may have shifted.

The date of payment of tax refunds may have been postponed if, for example, the Tax Administration does not know the correct account number, the tax refund has been seized or if the customer or his spouse has completed a pre-filled tax return

Tax administration reminds customers to check the OmaVero service to which account the tax refunds are coming.

“For example, last year, 32,000 people received a tax refund as a proof of payment, or remittance, because the Tax Administration did not know the persons’ account numbers in time, ”Villman says.

“A tax refund paid as a proof of payment can be redeemed at Nordea’s branches later, but no money is yet available on the date of the tax refund.”

Currently, the Tax Administration does not know the account number of the 600 people who are receiving a tax refund in July. In August, there are still 53,000 missing account numbers for those receiving tax refunds.



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