Taxation Administrative Court: The taxpayer’s decision to remove high-income tax information from media lists was illegal

Taxpayer the decision to remove high-income data from tax information lists provided to the media was illegal, according to the Helsinki Administrative Court.

The Tax Administration has provided a service to the media, where the media have been able to request public information on income taxation from the Tax Administration for persons who have earned at least 100,000 euros a year after the tax has been completed.

With respect to the 2018 taxation, the taxpayer accepted requests from approximately 230 individuals to remove their data from that list.

“The tax administration had rejected requests from several media outlets for information on the identities of those who exercised the right to object. The information had been requested in the form of name lists and diary extracts, ”the administrative court ruling says.

“The tax administration had justified its decisions on the grounds that the exercise of the right to object had to be kept confidential and on the grounds that the objection to the processing of personal data approved by the tax administration in previous decisions prevented the disclosure of information requested.”

According to the decision of the Administrative Court on Tuesday, there were no grounds for the Tax Administration’s decision.

‘The Administrative Court held that, although documents objecting to the processing of personal data may contain confidential information, the mere exercise of the right to object was not confidential in that context and that the exercise of the right to object was not in itself limited. Consequently, there were no obstacles to the disclosure of the identity of the persons who exercised the right of objection mentioned in the decisions of the Tax Administration, ”the administrative court writes in its decision.

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