Tampere | The popular seal is being discontinued because the electricity bill increased fivefold

The Secret Sauceity restaurant in Tampere’s Kaleva will close its doors on Monday. It managed to work for more than a year.

In Kaleva Secret Sauceity, which has been operating since September of last year, will close its doors on Monday. Although the restaurant is still open on Monday, those who like pizza should be prepared for the fact that they may have to leave the place empty-handed.

“There will hardly be anything left to sell on Monday”, guesses the restaurateur Petri Hankonen.

The main reason for the decision to close is increased costs. Hankonen says that the last few months have been wild.

“I stated that it is better to make a decision a little early, before we start making too much of a loss. If I pull the plug now, maybe I’ll have the energy to try again sometime.”

Termination decision According to Hankonen, matured quite quickly after the electricity company terminated the previous electricity contract at the end of September. Due to the termination of the contract, the price of electricity increased fivefold. In Tuku, prices had been rising longer, and at the same time people had less money to eat out.

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“When the electricity contract was terminated, I started to calculate that it was no longer worth it. You don’t know about the future, but it doesn’t look like the situation is going to get better, at least for the moment,” says Hankonen.

“I can’t really be sad about this, but I’m not really happy either. Now this is what happened. Even much more skilled workers have had to reduce their activities, and people in the world have much bigger worries.”

Plenty after a year, Hankonen says that he is satisfied with the lessons that have accumulated in his pocket.

“It’s nice that most of the people who visited us liked it. And the fact that the children have left almost nothing on the plate has been a perfect sign for me that something has been done right.”

There is something that has left me a little sad. For example, the fact that Secret Sauceity became more of an event organizer than a seal. Over a year, more than 170 events were organized in the restaurant’s premises.

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“When practically all events went through me, at some point it started to show in other things as well,” says Hankonen.

Hankonen does not see it as impossible that Secret Sauceity’s story could continue in some other form, if only a suitable place could be found.

“Now, however, I’m looking for a while to see if I can find a suitable guy as a friend. I won’t go on this run alone anymore. I know what a good pizza tastes like, but I still don’t dare to say that I know a lot about the restaurant industry. The blows have been received, so to speak.”

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