Tampere | Tampere’s Male Live arena will open in a year’s time, and by then it is hoped that the corona epidemic will have subsided –

The construction of Tampere’s Uros Live arena is progressing. In the main lobby, the escalators are already in place but in plastic. Where the public cannot normally reach, the curved walls of Tappara and Ilves’ locker rooms can already be seen.

Already it is now known when the Tampere Male Live Arena is scheduled to open: in a year, in December 2021.

However, it is not yet known what the corona situation will be in a year’s time. Can the arena, which draws 15,000 people as a whole, be opened at that time if the coronavirus is still bothering even then? This is now one of the arena company’s biggest issues.

Had construction begun a year or two earlier, the arena would have been completed in the midst of the worst interest rate crisis. It is now hoped that vaccinations in particular may bring relief. For example, it may be possible to hold large public events in a year’s time.

Without the relief of the corona situation, the arena project will be in trouble, although it will certainly be able to operate at a lower capacity and taking safety considerations into account.

A survey of the industry’s outlook in October by the Event Industry Association revealed that more than 70 per cent of its companies are mainly at a standstill. 60 percent estimate that they will survive in less than six months.

The industry is in trouble because the epidemic situation keeps people in their homes while complying with various restrictions increases the cost of organizing events.

Sometimes in the summer you can already freeze the trough.­

The entrance hall is spacious and its floor surface is at the same level as the ice will be.­

Men Live the arena is hopeful when nothing else can, and perfect timing is desired. The arena company believes that people still want to attend big events, even though that doesn’t seem sensible right now.

“It looks like we’re under happy stars, even though the whole epidemic has been a scary thing. For us, the timing seems to be going right and the virus will fade away by then, ”says the CEO Marko Hurme.

“Covid has a mark on the industry, but also a positive mark on hygiene planning and guest safety, for example.”

One concrete example of new thinking is that there will be no hand drying fans in the arena.

“We can now expect the best practices from the world and adopt them with us.”

When the majority of major events are now frozen, event organizers have had time to look to the future. At the same time, pent-up demand may increase as people wait to return to normal times, which include, for example, major concerts, sporting events and cultural events.

“I think there’s a certain kind of eruption in the industry going on and all the viewers and fans will soon find themselves in different venues.”

Sales Director of the Male Live Arena Elina Tikkakoski says event organizers are now experiencing interest in the arena. According to him, the calendar will be filled with different occasions for 2021 and 2022. Even the years 2024 and 2025 are already being talked about, he says.

“We have a strong belief that the need for events and experiencing together has not changed,” says Tikkakoski.

The dark-walled building is part of the hotel. The tall building to the rear is the Topaz Tower, which will soon be completed.­

For this, a row of fences is completed.­

The escalator is already in place, but still in protective plastics.­

The light-walled tower house, or Topaz, rising on the right, is almost complete. Next to it, construction has already begun on the next, Opal, which is a little lower.­

Outside when viewed, the arena is already beginning to take shape, with a horseshoe-like hotel building that revolves above and above the auditorium. Its roof has a terrace and saunas.

Also inside, construction seems to be advancing rapidly. There are already escalators in place in the main lobby, but still in plastics, the place of Veikkaus Casino stands out and on the ground the lifts reach towards the roof.

You can also clearly see the future fences in a separate fence floor from the auditorium. Of these, 46 are for 15 to 18 people, and they have all already been leased to companies. The remaining six are larger group enclosures. Above them are the hotel’s fifteen fenced-in rooms.

And where the audience doesn’t normally get in, the curved walls of Tappara and Ilves ’locker rooms are already visible. Sometimes next summer, the field will get its first ice with these prospects.


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