Taiwan | Taiwan was shaken by a powerful earthquake near the capital

According to an eyewitness, the earthquake was the strongest this year.

Taiwan the northwest has been hit by a strong earthquake, the effects of which have also been felt in the capital, Taipei. According to the Earth Meteorological Institute, the magnitude of the quake was 6.5 and its center was located in Yilan Province at a depth of 67 kilometers.

In the capital, according to a reporter for the news agency AFP, there was an earthquake lasting about ten seconds, which was the strongest this year.

Shortly after noon, the potential damage caused by the earthquake was not yet known.

Taiwan is located on the so-called ring of fire in the Pacific, where continental plates meet and earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are common.

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In the 2018 earthquake that occurred in 2018, a tourist destination in Hualien killed 17 people. The worst devastation in Taiwan’s history occurred in September 1999 when the island was hit by an earthquake of 7.6 magnitude. About 2,400 people died.

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