Taekwondo | Taekwondo’s European Championships became three championships in Finland

In addition, the catch was silver and two bronzes.

Taekwondon The European Championships in the business series were a historic medal celebration for the Finnish team. The team won three gold medals, one silver medal and two bronze medals.

The competitions were held in Seixal, Portugal from 19 to 21 October. November.

On the first day of the race Johanna Nukari (Espoo Hwarag Team) first made its way out of 13 competitors to the final eight in women under 50. In the finals, he was the best in the series, the press release says. Nukari became the second Finnish European champion in business series.

He was the first Finn to win European Championship gold Frans Salmi Belgrade in 2015. Salmi (Budokwai Taekwondo) now placed third in the men’s under-30s.

On the first day of the competition, the medals were also won Niina Virtala (Manse Taekwondo). He won bronze among five competitors under the age of 60.

Good the pace continued on the second day of the competition in the men’s under-30 group, where the Finnish trio Frans Salmi, who competed together for a long time, Olli Siltanen (Budokwai Taekwondo) and Christian Kamphuis (Taekwondo Athletes 2011) snatched the silver.

On the last day of the competition in the group series of junior girls (15–17 years old) Mia Knutsson (Espoo Hwarang Team), Aino Kangasmaa (Lohjan Taekwondoseura) and Helmi Riittala (Porin Taekwondo) grabbed the gold.

In the group series of cadet girls (12–14 years old) Airada Heikkinen (Kuopio Taekwondo), Sofia Sarala (Taekwondo Athletes 2011) and Aino Kortelainen (Taekwondo Athletes 2011) was also crowned European Champions.

The Taekwondo business series competition is competed in individuals, pairs and groups of three. In each round of competition, competitors perform two predetermined sets of movements.

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