Table tennis Benedek Oláh took a strong win in Budapest: “Fortunately, I was so stupid that I kept playing to the fullest”

Oláh continues in the top 16 in the Budapest tournament.

Finland Benedek Oláh, the number one player in table tennis, started the WTT Contender in Budapest with a 3–2 (11–6, 10–12, 5–11, 13–11, 11–3) victory over the German Benedikt Dudasta.

“This was a tough win,” Oláh says in a press release from the Table Tennis Association.

The German, ranked 42nd on the world list, was able to try to cut off the match in the fourth round on two occasions, but at the time of the decision, Oláh got the game back in his possession and took the final set to show style.

“The opponent is so stable that I thought I was going to go, but luckily I was so stupid that I continued to play until the end. It was worthwhile.

Duda is on the latest world list 44 notches above Oláh. From entering the semi-finals, Oláh will also face a German on Wednesday Kilian Ortin (198th on the world list).

“The next game is even easier in advance when you look at the player’s profile. Still, one should not let loose,” Oláh reminded in a statement.



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