Syria USA: Isis weakened significantly after the imprisonment – however, fighting continued on Tuesday

The attack is one of the biggest attacks by Isis since the forces of the jihadist organization were defeated in Syria almost three years ago.

24.1. 15:05 | Updated 21:53

Bloody Isis terrorist organization in Syria last week has been severely weakened, a US-led international alliance in its opinion on Monday. The media company operating in Iraqi Kurdistan, among others, reports the matter Rudaw.

Alliance Commander, Major General John Brennan says in a statement that the attacking Isis forces are now “fundamentally weaker”

“Their desperate attempt to present the relevant resulted in the deaths of many of their relatives who participated in this attack,” Brennan said.

Impact occurred in Hasaka in northeastern Syria near the Turkish-Iraqi border last Thursday. The fighting began when Isis fighters attacked Ghwayra Prison in the city and released several prisoners.

U.S.-backed Kurdish forces responded quickly to the attack. Since then, there have been fierce fighting in and around the city that continued on Tuesday.

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Kurdish troops had now besieged Isis with about a hundred fighters in the north of the prison, according to the news agency AFP. Hundreds of Isis fighters and temporarily released prisoners were reportedly surrendered.

More than 160 people have died in the attack, 45 of them Kurdish troops and at least seven civilians killed in the vicinity of the prison of the crossfire, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights estimates.

There have been as many as 3,500 Isis members in prison. Some juvenile inmates were transferred to other prisons and detention centers on Monday and some adults on Tuesday, but no precise figures were available.

Negotiations were also underway in which the besiegers would provide medical supplies and food if the attackers released their hostages like prison guards.

According to the UN, more than 45,000 people have already fled the area due to fighting.

Attack is Isis ‘biggest attack since Isis’ troops were defeated in Syria nearly three years ago. The prison attack has raised fears of Isis strengthening in Iraq.

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However, the U.S.-led alliance assures that there is no significant threat from Isis to Iraq or its environs. Representative of the Alliance Nick Duchich told Rudawi on Sunday that Iraqi – Kurdish border guards will be able to prevent Isis from crossing the border into Iraq.

According to the human rights organization Human Rights Watch, the alliance is holding a total of about 12,000 men and boys in prison on suspicion of being linked to Isis.

Several prisoners from Arab backgrounds have been held without official charges or convictions, leading Kurdish forces to be charged with racism.

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