Syria | An American died in an airplane attack on the base, the USA responded with airstrikes

The United States responded with airstrikes on the facilities of allies of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

of the United States the Ministry of Defense, the Pentagon, says that one American was killed and six were wounded in an airstrike on a US-led coalition base in eastern Syria on Thursday.

United States Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said he got the president From Joe Biden the authority to order, after the drone attack, the United States to carry out airstrikes on the facilities of groups linked to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

According to the assessment of the US intelligence authorities, the device used in the drone strike was of Iranian origin.

The United States has hundreds of troops in Syria as part of the coalition fighting ISIS.

President Biden had traveled to visit the Canadian capital, Ottawa, to meet with the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau‘ta when the Pentagon told about the attacks.

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