Swimming Swimming site reveals Olympic winner to have been one of Trump’s supporters invading Congress

Klete Keller, 38, is a multiple Olympic and World Cup medalist.

As an Epiphany U.S. Congress infiltrated the resigning president Donald Trumpin among the supporters, according to a recent survey, was also the Olympic winner of swimming.

Swimming site SwimSwam found outthat Klete Keller was one of the protesters involved. The report was reported on Tuesday by a Swede Aftonbladet that American The New York Times.

38-year-old Keller appears in SwimSwam, according to the reporter Julio Rosasin described with videos. Wearing a U.S. Olympic team tracksuit.

Numerous screenshots of Keller wearing a national team jacket have been taken from the videos.

Keller has deleted all of her social media accounts, but she is known to have been an ardent supporter of Donald Trump before, according to the swimming site.

SwimSwam says Keller works for a real estate agency. Tieto’s swimming site was confirmed through the office on Monday. The employer was not aware at the time of the video or Keller’s involvement in the protest.

In his career, Keller achieved Olympic gold in the 4 x 200-meter freestyle message in both Athens in 2004 and Beijing in 2008. In personal sports, Keller reached its highest in Olympic bronze.

In total, Keller won five Olympic medals, five long-track World Championship medals and three short-track World Championship medals. He has three world championships.

Swimming career after that Keller’s life was at its worst in a rather downward spiral.

Keller reported in June 2018 on the U.S. Swimming Association website in an interview four years earlier.

After her 2014 divorce, Keller became both unemployed and homeless. He lived in his car for about ten months and was not allowed to meet his three children for four years.


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