Swimming Olympic winner Kyle Chalmers experiences a nightmare-like fear of corona

The Australian champion has thoughts of infection in the middle of the Tokyo Olympics.

Swimming Olympic winner Kyle Chalmers acknowledges the frightening situation in Japan when the start of the Tokyo Summer Olympics is less than 50 days away. In the mind of the Australian swimmer who won the 100-meter freestyle at the Rio 2016 Games, there are nightmarish-like thoughts of a viral infection.

“Yes, the situation is a little scary,” Chalmers admitted in an interview with his hometown daily Adelaide Advertiser on Friday.

“My biggest fear is that I will survive the opening and semi-finals of the Olympics, but then I will get information about the corona infection. I wouldn’t make it to the finals because of the infection and would have to sit in our accommodation for 14 days in quarantine. ”

Tokyo is in a state of emergency until June 20 due to the fourth wave of corona infections. The country is in the process of launching a large-scale vaccination program, but infections in the country began to decline as early as mid-May.

In Japan on Worldometer-site 755,000 infections and just over 13,000 deaths from coronavirus were reported.

In Australia, the number of infections is just over 30,000 and there are around 900 deaths.

In Japan, infections have been found in less than 6,000 million inhabitants. The corresponding figure for Australia is less than 1,200, so the situation in Japan looks bad to an Australian.

“I’ve been following Tokyo’s interest rate readings, and luckily they have started to decline. I still find it almost inevitable that Korona will spread in the races among athletes and affect the races, at least in some way, ”Chalmers speculated.

Fears however, will not affect 22-year-old Chalmers ’Olympic plans. He will next take part in the Australian Olympic qualifiers and plans to resolutely defend his Olympic victory in Tokyo.

“I don’t train 40 hours a week to be the second best in the world. I want to be number one in my sport and I have a strong will to maintain my position. ”

Chalmers has been in a 100-meter freestyle after the Rio Olympics in a fierce battle with the US Caeleb Dresselin with. Dressel left him in silver at the 2019 World Cup.



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