Swimming Olli Koko’s bet was not enough for the World Cup final yet

The resolute struggle for the finals turned into an overcrowding in the World Championships in Abu Dhabi.

Breast swimmer Olli Kokko had to settle for a 50-meter semi-final experience at the Abu Dhabi World Championships on Monday. Kokko missed almost three-tenths of the Finnish record for short-distance swimming in November and was ranked 15th in the time comparison of the semi-finals.

Kokko boldly sought a place in the final, but after a good start, there was a rush in the bets in the second start of the day.

“Swimming felt a lot better than it was in the morning, but it went into over-entrepreneurship again,” Kokko lamented.account.

“The turn was a bit bad and the finish was really bad. It’s really annoying, but you can’t always win. ”

Kokko, who studied in Hawaii until last spring, swam four Finnish short track (25 m) records in the November European Championships. The World Cup experience has also been positive, although the finals are still within reach.

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“It was a tremendous experience to swim in the World Cup semi-finals. Absolutely insanely cool. However, I have been dreaming about this for 20 years. Of course, I wish I could perform better, but this is a sport, ”Kokko described his mood.

Financing and Kokko, who studied economics in Hawaii, has, in any case, made a long bet at the international level this year.

“It simply came to our notice then. Now there are only positive thoughts in mind, ”Kokko confirmed.

“It takes a bit of internalizing things during the holiday. Then the long track season is waiting and I look forward to seeing how far this goes on the long track. ”

Jere Jänsen in coaching Kokko, 27, is gradually aiming for success also in the 50-meter pool and the 100-meter Olympic trip. The big goal is at the 2024 Paris Olympics.

“I believe that the Olympics are a goal for every athlete whose sport is in the Olympics,” Kokko said before the World Cup trip to the United Arab Emirates.

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