Swimming jumps Swimming jumper Lauren Hallaselä, 17, has a strength that is hard to practice – slow motion videos show how to make a vacuum cleaner under the surface

Lauren Hallaselkä jumped from a three-meter springboard in the Mäkelänrinne swimming pool.­

Swimming jumper Lauren Hallaselkä, 17, is the best of its kind in Finland. His strengths include a trait that is hard to practice: spatial perception. “You should have your eyes open during the jump, but I know where I’m going, even with my eyes closed.”

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Jan Vilén HS

Pair a bounce on a board three feet high, a twisting rotation, a lightning-fast straightening, and the bursting of the water surface accompanied by a buzzing sound. The water doesn’t really even splash, but mostly bubbles a little.

It’s hard to believe it’s an “too stiff” athlete. That’s right, however, assures the 17-year-old Lauren Hallaselkä.

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