Swimming Ida Hulkko, who is traveling to Tokyo, honed her Olympic condition at the Kuopio Finnish Championships: “The race choice says that I am going in the right direction”

The Finnish swimming team at the Tokyo Olympics currently consists of four swimmers.

Tokyo preparing for the Olympic Games Ida Hulkko competed in the long-distance Finnish Swimming Championships in Kuopio, which ended on Sunday, on six trips.

Hulkko reached the medals in his main distance in the 100-meter breaststroke and the corresponding sport in the 50-meter distance.

“The Finnish Championships served well for my own preparation towards Tokyo. Quite a few have had the Games recently, so the most important thing was to get to compete properly for the full four days,” said Hulkko, who won two Finnish Championship golds in Kuopio.

On the last individual trip of the Finnish Championships, Hulkko competed in the 50-meter breaststroke, where the Tampere swimmer clocked 30.88. The Finnish record in Hulko’s own name on this trip is 30.19.

“I think it shows my current level when I can get tired of swimming in less than 31 seconds,” Hulkko said at the end of the race weekend.

Hulkko, 22, leaves for the first Olympics of his career with anticipating and enthusiastic thoughts.

“We are going to the Olympics in a really good mood. A few years ago, I didn’t even think I would have a chance in Tokyo. The race choice says I’m going in the right direction.”

“We are going to Tokyo with realistic goals to get a semi-final place. We are not yet aiming for the moon in the sky, but I think a place in the semi-finals would be a good first step.”

Top swimming coaching manager Tommi Pulkkinen followed the Kuopio Finnish Championships with special interest. In addition to swimmers who had already crossed the Olympic line, athletes who were distracted by the Olympic line, as well as swimmers at the national level, were monitored.

“Finnish Championships are the most popular for national swimming, but for swimmers who have already reached the Olympic limit, for example, these games were part of the training season. Their fitness peak is aimed at the Tokyo Olympics,” Pulkkinen said.

The Finnish Championships were the last show competition of the Olympics in Finland. The deadline for Olympic screens expires on June 27, after which you can still get an Olympic seat based on your rankings.

“It is also possible to enter the competition through it, but at the moment it seems unlikely in Finnish terms,” ​​Pulkkinen thought.

For the Olympic Games In addition to Ida Hulko, Finnish swimmers have so far been chosen as well Fanny Teijonsalo (Women’s 50m Freestyle) Matti Mattsson (men ‘s 200m breaststroke) and Ari-Pekka Liukkonen (Men’s 50m Freestyle).

The Tokyo Olympics will be held from July 23 to 8. August.



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