Swimming Ida Hulkko swam 0.02 seconds behind the European Championship medal: “The medal place went to the turn and finish”

Veera Kivirinta was sixth in the final, but was disqualified.

Ida Hulkko swim fourth in the women’s 50m breaststroke short track European Championships in Kazan. Hulkko was 0.02 seconds behind the medal after finishing 29.82.

“To the right, swimming, but the medal place went to the turn and finish,” Hulkko said in an interview with Yle’s TV broadcast.

Hulkko estimates that on a 25-meter track, turns don’t work as well as on a long 50-meter track. In the spring, she was in the 50-meter pool in the silver medal at the European Championships in the 50-meter breaststroke.

In Kazan, the trip championship was won by Italy Arianna Castiglioni with a time of 29.66, and the Italians secured a double victory Benedetta Pilato at 29.75. Russia was also ahead of Hulk Nika Godun with a time of 29.80. In yesterday’s semi-finals, Godun kept the best pace of the group.

Veera Kivirinta was sixth in the finals, but was disqualified.

“I don’t know where I was rejected. At the start, arms crossed, ”Kivirinta explained in Yle’s TV interview and regretted the“ abstention ”.

In yesterday’s semi-finals, he fell below the 30-second limit for the first time in the 50-meter breaststroke on the short track. There would have been opportunities in the final as well, but it ended in disappointment.

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