Swimming At the Olympic Games, a doping bet against a Russian winner: “I swam a race that was probably not clean”

The Russian Olympic Committee responded with special word choices.


American swimmer Ryan Murphy bowed to silver in the 200m backstroke of the Tokyo Olympics and hinted at the Russian winner after the race Yevgeny Rylovin winning the race, “which was probably not clean.”

Murphy lost to Rylov in Tokyo for the second time, as Rylov was also the winner in the 100-meter backstroke. The Russians were ahead of Murphy by a hundred, too Kliment Kolesnikov. After Friday’s defeat, Murphy was asked if he thought the race was fair.

“I have 15 thoughts, 13 of which are such that they would get me in trouble. That’s what it’s like. It’s mentally very hard to get through the year and (think) that I swam a race that was probably not clean, ”Murphy noted.

Rylov has never been caught in a doping test. He said he was surprised by the hint.

“I’ve always been in clean condition. I support pure sports from the bottom of my heart. I’ve dedicated my whole life to this sport, ”Rylov shed at the press conference.

Russia has been excluded from the Tokyo Games as it suffers a penalty under the state-run doping program. However, more than 330 Russian athletes will compete in Tokyo, under the name of the Russian Olympic Committee team. The Russian flag and national anthem are not seen or heard in the Games.

“How our victories make some of our colleagues nervous. We are here at the Olympics, yes. We have all the rights to it. Whether someone liked it or not, ”the Russian Olympic Committee tweeted.

“We are not comforting you. Forgive those who are weaker. God is their judge – and our helper. ”

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov he also commented.

“Our athletes should take medals – preferably gold ones – and not pay attention to anything like that. The medalists are beyond criticism. ”



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