Sweden The Swedish Prime Minister resigns: No new elections, new government negotiations ahead

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven spoke on Monday about the resignation of his government. New government palpations are ahead.


Swedish the government is resigning, the country’s prime minister said Stefan Löfvenin in the morning press conference.

Sweden is now facing new government negotiations led by the Speaker of Parliament.

Before announcing his decision, Löfven said that Sweden’s interest is what he must think first.

He recalled that the interest rate crisis will continue and the next election would be next year anyway.

“Therefore, extravals are not what Sweden needs now,” Löfven said.

The Swedish government collapsed last Monday in a parliamentary vote of confidence when opposition parties voted in favor of Löfven’s no-confidence vote.

At his press conference, Löfven pointed his finger quite directly at two parties that played a major role in the crisis.

“The Left Party decided to overthrow the government without having in mind an alternative government base.”

Furthermore, Löfven complained that the Liberal Party did not join the compromise proposal, which would have allowed it to continue on the same government basis. The Liberal Party has changed its mind and now says it wants to join the bourgeois government, even if it receives support from the Swedish Democrats.

Social Democrats no information on Löfven’s representative had yet circulated to the public before Monday’s press conference.

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Other parties actively engaged in discussions in public. During Midsummer, for example, the Environmental Party proposed a new form of government cooperation between the Social Democrats, the Center Party and the Left Party. In this model, the Environment Party would continue to lead the minority government with the Social Democrats.

The Left Party also announced concessions on Sunday to allow the party to cooperate with the center. The left said it was ready, for example, to waive tax increase demands. However, the center has adhered to the line that it does not agree to budgetary cooperation with the left.

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After the previous elections, the Social Democrats and the Environmental Minority Government became the basis of government, receiving support from the Center Party and the Liberal Party.

After the fall of the government, the Liberal Party withdrew its support from Löfven, so the situation in Sweden is still completely open for the time being.



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