Sweden The Left Party sets conditions for supporting Löfven’s budget

“We’ve been too naive,” says Dadgostar, a left-wing party that has grown in popularity.


Swedish President of the Social Democrats Stefan Löfven receives support from the left for the formation of a new government. However, the party is demanding influence over the autumn budget in order to give it its support as well.

Party chairman Nooshi Dadgostar said at a news conference that the party could let Löfven move forward because a project to find ways to ease rent regulation has been removed from the government program.

According to Dadgostar, the Left Party has been too naive and too bona fide in supporting the Social Democrats.

“We have had too much confidence in the Social Democrats and their ability to build Sweden. We no longer have that,” Dadgostar said.

He spoke at the traditional Almedalen summer event of Swedish politics, which will be held virtual this year.

Löfvenin the President is to report on the outcome of his inquiries into the government Andreas Norlénille on Monday. Possible votes on the formation of the government will be held later in the week.

If a new government is formed, Löfven will face another ordeal in the fall when he should get the budget approved. In it, he has to balance between the left party on the one hand and the center party on the other.

The Center Party has made its budget support conditional on the Left Party not being allowed to put its mark on the budget.

Löfven has said he will resign if his budget doesn’t go through.



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