Sweden The coronavirus situation in Sweden is so serious that the Prime Minister repeatedly used a rare weapon: a TV speech to the nation

Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, who addressed the nation because of the coronavirus situation, is the only Swedish prime minister to have addressed the nation twice.


Swedish the situation in the coronavirus struggle is serious.

That is the seriousness of the Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven wanted to underline by giving a speech to the nation on Sunday night. The speech was broadcast on television, on the government’s Youtube channel, and on the websites of various news media.

In a speech sent from 7 pm Swedish time, Löfven demanded that all Swedes take responsibility.

“What we as a country do wrong now, we may suffer later. We can celebrate what we do right later, ”Löfven said.

Prime Minister according to the autumn, many Swedes had slipped from following the recommendations, but now the situation has turned and people are following the recommendations better. Still, there is still room for improvement.

“Everyone needs to do more,” Löfven said.

In Sweden, a meeting restriction will come into force on Tuesday, banning official gatherings of more than eight people. The number of coronavirus infections has risen sharply in recent weeks, and pressure in Swedish hospitals is rising.

That is why the Swedish government decided this week on severe assembly restrictions, for which, according to Löfven, there is no benchmark in the country’s history. Restrictions on the sale of alcohol also came into force this week. Restaurants are no longer allowed to sell alcohol after 10 p.m.

“This sounds brutal, but the reality is brutal now.”

In his speech, Löfven wanted to encourage Swedes to comply with the restrictions. The Prime Minister also wanted to swear to believe that the situation will be resolved.

However, the speech focused on describing the seriousness of the situation. Löfven recalled that more than 6,000 people have died in Sweden from a disease caused by the coronavirus. He recalled how busy the nursing staff is and how many lives they have already saved and will save. Löfven said how well the Swedes abide by the restrictions will determine what kind of Christmas can be spent in the country.

“And who else is with us to spend that Christmas. This sounds brutal, but the reality is now brutal. ”

Prime Minister speeches to the nation are very rare in Sweden. Löfven is the third Swedish Prime Minister to have used a similar format.

In 2003, the Prime Minister Göran Persson addressed the nation by the Secretary of State Anna Lindhin after the murder.

In 1992, Prime Minister Carl Bildt in turn, gave a speech to the nation as a shooter known as the Laser Man chased people with an immigrant background in Stockholm and Uppsala. During 1991 and 1992, the shooter shot eleven people, one of whom died. The shooter was eventually caught and received a life sentence.

Löfven’s speech was therefore historic, as he is the first Swedish prime minister to give two speeches to the nation. Löfven held its first in March this year, when the coronavirus epidemic was just accelerating.

At that time, there were about 1,900 infections and 21 deaths in Sweden.

In November, during Löfven’s second speech, 208,295 infections had been recorded and 6,406 dead.

In Sweden decision-makers have received increasing criticism in recent weeks about the treatment of the epidemic. Spring statements and mistakes by the Public Health Agency have been highlighted. Critics say the restrictive measures now imposed came too late.

On Sunday, the Swedish media reported OECD report, according to which Sweden has failed to treat a coronavirus epidemic. According to the report, Sweden, for example, was the slowest in controlling the spread of infections in OECD countries. Worst of all, Sweden had also succeeded in isolating its citizens.

Although a state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell Indeed, in his recent criticism of the OECD report on the lack of context, Swedish policymakers are now working hard to convince Swedes that they have the job.

“We need to show our togetherness and our responsibility. Now we do this together. For Sweden, ”said Stefan Löfven.

Sweden this week imposed stricter restrictive measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. In a rare televised speech on Sunday night, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven called on citizens to follow restrictions and recommendations.­


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