Sweden Swedish PM gets a spark of hope – Center relinquishes demand that led to government overthrow

The chairman of the Left Party praised the change of position in the city center as a positive decision for Swedish tenants.


Swedish the government collapsed on Monday in a historic vote of confidence, but on Wednesday the country’s prime minister Stefan Löfven received good news.

Chairman of the Center, which served as the government’s supporting party Annie Lööf told the Swedish newspaper In an interview with Dagens Nyheterthat the party is ready to waive its demand for market rents.

According to Lööf, the center still sees the liberalization of market rents as a good proposal, but since it cannot find support from the parliament, the party is ready to renegotiate the government agreement.

Prime Minister Löfven quickly commented that he welcomed Lööf’s change of position.

“It’s constructive and the way forward,” Löfven told Dagens Nyheter.

Löfven’s government fell on Monday just on the issue of market rents.

The Left Party could not approve of the government’s plan to liberalize rent regulation in new areas, creating a sufficient majority in parliament to overthrow the government.

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Left Party chairman Nooshi Dadgostar has said it will continue to support Löfven as the next prime minister as long as the government waives market rents.

Market rents have been included in the government agreement just at the request of the center, and now that the center is ready to give up the point, Löfven was paved the way back to become prime minister.

“A positive decision for land tenants,” Dadgostar commented on the downtown decision on Twitter.

“I’m proud,” he continued.

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Completely however, Löfven’s path is not clear, as he is likely to need support from the Liberal Party, which announced after the fall of the government that the party would support a bourgeois government in Sweden in the future.

Löfven has the power to decide whether to set out to find a solution to the situation through new government negotiations or new elections.

After the change of position in the city center, new government negotiations seem more likely. The Liberal Party is unlikely to swing for new elections, as its support was historically low, according to an opinion poll released on Wednesday. The party received only 2 percent support from voters, which is far from the 4 percent vote threshold.



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