Sweden Swedish government threatens to collapse on rent regulation, prime minister offers compromise – Left knocks out presentation on Twitter amid press conference

The Swedish Parliament will vote on Prime Minister Stefan Löfven’s confidence on Monday at 11 am Finnish time, unless Löfven reaches a compromise.


Swedish plunged into a government crisis last Thursday when the left announced that it no longer had confidence in the prime minister To Stefan Löfven.

Other opposition parties soon followed, and now the country’s parliament plans to vote on Löfven’s trust. The vote is scheduled to take place in Parliament on Monday at 11 am Finnish time.

However, Löfven has worked with the government over the weekend to avoid a government crisis, and on Sunday at 12 noon Finnish time, the Prime Minister presented a compromise proposal at a press conference together with the chairman of the centers. Annie Lööfin with.

“We have a serious crisis in our hands, a pandemic that is still going on. In this situation, a political crisis is not what our country needs, ”Löfven said.

Löfven said the Social Democrats, the Environment Party and the government’s pro-center and Liberals had reached a consensus over the weekend on a compromise proposal that seeks to meet left-wing demands.

Now running The current crisis stemmed from a government inquiry into the deregulation of rent in new homes. Löfven’s government program includes the release of market-based rents in new properties.

This is opposed by the left party, and the party chairman Nooshi Dadgostar gave Löfven a 48-hour time limit on Tuesday to withdraw the proposal from market rents at the risk of overthrowing the government.

Dadgostar had two demands: either Löfven should withdraw the show or invite an association representing tenants to the negotiating table. Otherwise, the left would vote in favor of the overthrow of Löfven.

On Sunday, Löfven and Lööf said the government now intends to invite all parties in the housing market to a negotiating table to resolve the lease formation of new properties.

“This is the demand raised by the Left Party,” Löfven said.

“The parties in the housing market now have the opportunity to resolve the situation, and we four parties expect the other parties to take responsibility and not take Sweden into a political crisis,” he continued.

Left Party Chairman Dadgostar responded to the prime minister on Twitter while the press conference was still ongoing. Dadgostar welcomed the parties ’ability to influence the proposal, but demanded that the rent regulation portion of the government program be removed.

According to Dadgostar, the press conference was a political theater to delay the process.

In Sweden the rental market is well regulated, and Dadgostar sees allowing market rents in new properties to lead to higher rents and deregulation in other properties as well.

According to the government, rents would not rise sharply as the liberalization of rent regulation would only apply to new housing. The government’s goal is to increase the number of apartments at market rents in Sweden, where the rental market is functioning poorly in many ways and where there is a shortage of apartments.

On Sunday according to information circulating in the swedish media, Löfven and the other parties that signed the government program would have reached a compromise proposal aimed at avoiding the overthrow of the government.

According to media reports, the government would be inviting various parties in the housing market to a negotiating table to resolve the issue.

If the compromise proposal does not satisfy the left, the opposition parties in the parliament would form a majority capable of overthrowing the government. If all parties vote, as they have now promised, the government will collapse.

After that, Stefan Löfven has two options: either to declare new elections or to leave his seat as prime minister.

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New Löfven has a week to declare the election, and the election could be in the fall. If Löfven decides to leave his place again, the search for a new government base begins.

Finding a new government base would not be easy in this situation either, as after the last election, Sweden was without a government for more than four months when a suitable government base could not be found.

Eventually, a minority government of the Social Democrats and the Environmental Party was born, with support from the center and the Liberals. The opposition was left to a moderate coalition, the Swedish Democrats, the Christian Democrats and the Left Party.

The issue of market rents is important precisely for the center and the Liberals.



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