Sweden Sweden’s most popular rapper Einár killed by Stockholm criminal gang battle

Swedish police spoke on Friday night about the theory that Einár may have been involved in the shooting of a gang member in Stockholm last spring. The theory would suggest a long cycle of revenge.

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Swedish the most popular rapper Einár was shot to death in execution style on Thursday night in the Hammarby Sjöstad district in Stockholm. Among other things, the issue was reported broadcasting company SVT.

Einár, real name Nils Kurt Erik Einar Grönberg, was only 19 years old.

According to police, Einária was shot in execution style on the head and chest. No one has so far been arrested on suspicion of the act. Police are looking for two people. Eyewitnesses saw two people dressed in darkness flee the scene.

Police investigated Einár’s crime scene in Stockholm on Thursday.

The cause of the death is believed to be competition between the gangs in Stockholm. Einár had been published with death threats on social media, and he traveled a lot abroad as well as hid from his men.

Only 16 at the age of 16, Einár snapped through suburban life, guns and drugs. It was not pure fantasy, as Einár had been convicted of robberies and drug offenses.

Afternoon newspaper Aftonbladet said on Friday night about the theory of the Swedish police that Einár may have been involved in the shooting murder in Stockholm last spring. However, Einár is apparently not suspected of being a shooter.

Two young fans brought flowers to Einár’s killing site on Friday.

In the spring of 2021, a man with links to organized crime in Stockholm was shot dead in Kista. According to police, the victim was related to a man convicted in the summer of abducting Einár in the spring of 2020.

Two a competing rapper was involved in the abduction that swept Sweden, where members of a gang known as the Vårby network abducted Einár.

The case has been on the table again in Sweden, as Einár was to testify another week of rapper Yasin in the Svea Court of Appeal. Yasin Mahamoudia against.

Yasin, 23, was sentenced in July to ten months in prison in preparation for the abduction of Einár.

Rapper Yasin Mahamoud was sentenced to ten months in prison for abducting Einár in July.

In the same trial of rapper Haval i.e. Haval Khalil was sentenced to two years and six months in prison for aiding and abetting the abduction of Einár.

Einár was 17 years old at the time of the abduction. The abduction was humiliating. The kidnappers tied Einár in a chair, beat him and demanded money from him, or they posted pictures of the beating on social media.

Einár did not pay, and the pictures were published. Einár was also forced to pick up the gun from his home and hand it over to the kidnappers, who also robbed Einár of jewelry worth tens of thousands of euros and a Rolex wristwatch.

Einár’s death site Hammarby Sjöstad is a quiet district with many families with children.

Interception joined a larger gang trial in which as many as 26 members of the Vårby network were convicted. Network leader Chihab Lamouri was sentenced to 17 years and 10 months in prison for, among other things, attempted murder, abduction and aggravated drug offenses.

Later, the kidnappers planned to detonate a bomb under Einár’s apartment. Einária, on the other hand, was suspected of possessing weapons this year.

Einár did not testify or cooperate with the police who investigated his abduction. He had stated that he would not have testified in the Court of Appeal either.

Vårby network members were people with an immigrant background from some of Stockholm’s most infamous neighborhoods. Yasin, for example, was from Rinkeby.

Einár had a more middle-class background, but he was also involved in criminal circles from a young age. Einár was taken into custody at a young age and has been convicted of assaults, drug offenses and robberies.

Einár’s mother was a well-known actress Lena Nilsson. Einár lived his youth in Enskededalen, a fairly middle-class detached area “Söder om Söder”, outside Stockholm city center.

There, too, the criminal gang is affected. Einár apparently did not belong to the “Dalen” gang, but he is thought to have had connections to it.

Alexander Murga, 23, hopes Einár’s death will serve as a wake-up call for gang members. “I hope people now wake up and understand that this is real, This can no longer be undone,” Murga said.

Since Einár has not spoken of his abduction, it is unclear what was the motive for the abduction and where the disagreements began.

In any case, the spiral of revenge seems to have continued after the abduction.

Einár on attached to the Swedish press also to a restaurant stabbing a couple of weeks ago, although his name is not directly mentioned. At the beginning of October, a stabbing took place at the Nosh and Chow restaurant, in which four people were arrested. Two of them were said to be well-known, millions of streamed musicians like Einár.

Einar struck through at just 16 years old in 2018 and won two Grammis Awards in 2020. He released his own music without record companies. He managed to release four albums and had several songs at the top of the Swedish singles charts.

The streaming of Yasin’s most popular songs, condemned for planning Einár’s abduction, is also counted in the tens of millions. He had two charts, and in 2020, he released two successful albums.

There are estimated to be at least 30 gangs in Stockholm competing for the drug market and control of the underworld.

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