Sweden Sweden will impose an entry ban on those arriving from Norway until 14 February

The reason for the restriction of border traffic is a variant of the coronavirus originally found in Britain and found in the Oslo region of Norway.

Swedish restricts border traffic against its border with Norway, says the Swedish government in the bulletin. Swedish Minister of the Interior Mikael Damberg also spoke at a news conference on Sunday.

The ban will take effect at midnight and will run until February 14th. Sweden will also continue to ban entry from Britain and Denmark until 14 February.

The reason to restrict border traffic, a variant of the coronavirus originally found in Britain has been found in the Oslo region of Norway.

New strict coronavirus restrictions were introduced in Oslo and its nine neighboring counties on Saturday, which are feared to increase traffic from Norway to Sweden.

According to the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation’s NRK, only grocery stores, pharmacies and petrol stations in the area remained open. Closed shops also include Vinmonopolet shops selling alcohol. The restrictions are valid until the end of January.

“When Norwegian shops and liquor stores close, there is a risk that Norwegians will come to Sweden,” Damberg commented.

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Norwegian Deputy Director of the Health Authority Espen Rostrup Nakstad told Aftonbladet by understand the Swedish solution.

“I think the solution makes sense. We also have very strict rules for traveling to Norway, so it is only fair that there are strict restrictions for those traveling from Norway as well, ”Nakstad said.


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