Sweden Sweden is currently voting on a new prime minister – Andersson will be the first woman to take over the Swedish leadership

The Social Democrat Magdalena Andersson will be the first woman to become the Prime Minister of Sweden in a vote that began at 10 a.m. Finnish time.

In Sweden the parliament is currently voting to approve or reject the prime ministerial candidate. Voting began on Wednesday morning at 10 a.m. Finnish time.

The Social Democrat chairman is nominated Magdalena Andersson. He received the support of the left-wing party he missed on Tuesday night as the parties agreed to raise the lowest pensions.

Left Party chairman Nooshi Dadgostar met Andersson early Tuesday evening. According to the Left Party, raising pensions was a prerequisite for supporting Andersson as the new prime minister.

The parties agreed to increase the lowest pensions by SEK 1,000 a month. This applies to 700,000 pensioners.

If no agreement had been reached by Wednesday, the left-wing party would have voted against Andersson, left-wing party Dadgostar said at a news conference on Monday.

Parliament speaker Andreas Norlén said on Monday he would nominate Social Democrat Andersson as prime minister.

If Andersson is elected, she will become the first woman to be Prime Minister of Sweden.

A vote on the government’s draft budget will be put to a vote later on Wednesday.

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