Sweden Stockholmers interviewed by HS fear rent liberalization will push prices up – Government collapse amid pandemic

Among other things, the Stockholm people interviewed by HS are concerned that the government crisis is diverting attention from more important issues during a pandemic.


Swedish government crashed on Monday in a historic way, when the left and right parties voted to co-prime minister Stefan Löfvenin for distrust.

Next, either new government examinations or preparations for new elections will begin later. The next steps will be decided by Löfven, who will have a week to announce the follow-up.

Behind the vote of no confidence is the controversy over the regulation of the Swedish rental market. Löfven’s government program includes the release of market-based rents in new properties, and a government report on the subject was published recently.

The left-wing party opposed the liberalization of rent regulation, and right-wing parties joined in with the hope of overthrowing the government.

HS met with Swedes on the streets of Stockholm on Tuesday and asked what they thought of the extraordinary events in Swedish politics.

Mattias Stålbom

“In a way, it shows in a democracy that the system works, but the timing is bad. Due to the pandemic, we have other problems that need to be addressed, such as the economic situation. We need to focus on construction and not demolition. ”

Mattias Stålbom

Eva Andersson

“I really don’t want market-priced rentals, in which case I have to move into the bush. I hope Löfven will rectify the situation. He does have an ace on every sleeve. ”

Eva Andersson

Hayoti Saleh

“No one knows how these changes will affect. Market-based rents can make it more attractive to live outside Stockholm because there are quality housing. Everyone wants to live cheaply, but if you have to pay a lot, you want quality in return. ”

Hayoti Saleh

Lisa Pankevych

“I pay SEK 10,000 for a rental apartment outside Stockholm. Rental housing in Stockholm is very expensive and it is difficult to find an apartment. ”

Lisa Pankevych

Marcus and Agnes

“This is a problem that should have been anticipated much earlier. It [hallituksen kaataminen] is really irresponsible in the midst of a pandemic. We should invest in more important things like health care. ”


“I agree with Marcus. We already have a crisis, so there is no need for another crisis. ”


Sonja Parkkinen HS translated from Swedish into Finnish.



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