Sweden Prisoners took two guards hostage in a prison in Eskilstuna, Sweden

According to the prison authority, negotiations with the perpetrators are not progressing at this time.

Prisoners have taken two guards hostage at Hällby Prison in Eskilstuna Municipality. It tells about this, among other things broadcasting company SVT and the information office TT.

The Swedish Prison Administration reported that two prisoners camped with prison guards in a room for prison staff and covered the surveillance cameras in the room.

“We are currently trying to get a clear picture of what is happening. These prisoners have been convicted of serious crimes, but we are not currently telling which crimes, ”said the security director of the prison authority. Jörgen From Nordin.

According to him, there are prison authority negotiators and police officers present. He says negotiations are not progressing at the moment.

Aftonbladetin information received according to the perpetrators used razors as their weapons, and they have requested the use of a helicopter.

Police received an alert about what happened shortly after noon on Wednesday. There were five police units on Wednesday afternoon and an emergency room.

The Hällby facility has 98 prisons with the highest security ratings.



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