Sweden | Prime Minister Kristersson scolded the protesters: “Useful idiots for those who wish Sweden harm”

Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson told a press conference on Tuesday evening that the recent demonstrations in the country have had a negative impact on Sweden’s public image.

in Sweden it has been seen that a single and legal demonstration can have a great impact on Sweden’s public image and the safety of Swedes abroad, said the Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson at a news conference on Tuesday evening.

“These [mielenosoituksia] implementing groups and individuals become useful idiots for those forces who want Sweden badly,” said Kristersson Dagens Nyheterin by.

According to Kristersson, the situation is not escalating right now, but even small things can reignite the conflict.

Head of the operational department of the Swedish Psychological Defense Agency Mikael Tofvesson said at the press conference that the anti-Swedish tone is now more aggressive than before.

Earlier in the evening, Kristersson called the representatives of all parties together for Tuesday evening to discuss the NATO membership process and Sweden’s security situation.

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Kristersson also said that he spoke to the UN Secretary General on the phone after the meeting by António Guterres with. The purpose has been to discuss Sweden’s inflamed relations with Turkey and try to find solutions to calm the situation, SVT and Dagens Nyheter told earlier.

After the protests in Sweden, the Turkish president has threatened to accept only Finland’s NATO application.

before the chairman of the Social Democrats from the meeting Magdalena Andersson told the media that he thinks the Sweden Democrats are putting the party’s political interests ahead of Swedish security interests.

“While I am doing everything I can to support the government in this situation, the Sweden Democrats behave in the complete opposite way and put their party’s political interests ahead of Sweden’s interests, Andersson said for SVT.

Andersson specified that he was referring to the way in which the Swedish Democrats have commented on the burning of the Koran.

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“They do not promote Sweden’s cause,” Andersson underlined.

Sweden Democrats Jimmie Åkersson in turn saidthat although it is necessary to understand the people who are offended by the burning of the Koran, it is also important to remember the right of Western democracies to freedom of speech.

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